Higher Risk Higher Return?

Higher Risk Higher Return? Virtually every investor knows that.

The first picture is the gross rental yield map of the Netherlands, which shows how much return one can expect in different parts of the country when renting out a property. The second picture is the population trend map, which in a way represents the level of risk.

The brighter colour implies higher return and more positive population trend in the first and second picture respectively. If we juxtapose the pictures, we can clearly see that the “higher risk higher reward” statement holds. The locations with the brighter colours on one map correspond to darker colours on another.

The higher value can be presumably derived in the places, where the colours are bright in both pictures. One can try to juxtapose the pictures mentally and search for such properties on funda. Or one can go to https://stellax.org/search/ and specify the return and population trend variables in their investment search and let the algorithm do all the work for you. Cheers!

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