Stellax Search Engine: Variables Group 4

Stellax Search Engine is coming. How can I tune my investment search?

Variables Group 4: Days

The Days variable is an estimate of the number of days it will take to rent out a property.

Stellax employs a separate model to compute it and considers such factors as location, rent amount and size in its estimation. The lower value of the variable implies that the investment will start to earn return and pay off sooner.
Often times the algorithm finds the properties that have an estimated gross yield of >10%. Pay a special attention to the days variable in that case, since it may take months to rent out such property.

As can be seen from the graph, it will take around 20 days to rent out a median property in Amsterdam as opposed to 25 in Groningen and 45 in Deventer. The number of days is an indicator of the demand in a particular area and thus risk.

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