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Stellax Search Engine. What return can I expect?


Gross rental yield is a measure of investment return. It is calculated as the estimated annual rent divided by the asking price. Note that the actual return received is lower than the gross yield, since the latter does not account for expenses incurred by investors.

The average gross yields for relatively large apartments hover around 4-5% in Amsterdam and 6-7% in The Hague (according to Global Property Guide estimate). Check it out here:…/Netherl…/Rental-Yields.

In the picture below, one can see the gross rental yields in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam estimated by Stellax. Our research suggests that the average yield in Amsterdam is indeed lower than those in Rotterdam and The Hague. At the same time, when both small and large properties are present in the sample, the average gross yield is estimated at around 5.5-6% in Amsterdam.

Stellax constantly identifies dozens of objects with the yield exceeding 10%, which (considering the average) looks outstanding.

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