Rent Checker Update

Stellax has received a new interesting feature! If the purchase price is provided, one can see how their investment compares to the other properties on the market. Check it out!

Stellax Rent Checker

Happy to announce that now we also have a quick rent checker! Just in a couple of clicks you can find out what the average market rent for your Dutch property is! Check it out!

Stellax Report

Stellax lets you receive your personalized investment report, which includes the potential rent one may expect to earn, taxes, mortage payments etc. For example, you are eyeing up some property on funda you want to buy? Just fill in the form and the algorithm will tell you how much money you can expect in the …

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Stellax Search

Stellax monitors hundreds of properties on sale in near real-time for the whole country. It applies various machine learning techniques and extracts data from a number of external databases to unearth the properties with the highest potential gross rental yields. Finally, those properties are posted on the website for the users to see!